DESIGNATION: Provincia di Mantova IGP rosso frizzante semi secco (slightly-sparkling, semi-dry red IGP Provincia di Mantova)
THE LOOK: intense ruby red colour, strong opacity, 
purple-ish foam.
THE SMELL: Intense wild berries and currant aromas and 
a hint of sweet violet.
THE TASTE: subtle and fresh flavour, good persistence.
ACCOMPANIMENT: accompany with charcuterie, grilled meat, red meat, Gramigna pasticciata alla salsiccia (typical Emilian first dish, pasta with sausage). 
TEMPERATURE OF SERVING: 18 Celsius degrees.
ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 11% of volume.
PACKAGES: 0.75 litres Emilian bottle with mushroom
shaped cork – 6 bottles carton box.

Cantinon is a semi-dry Lambrusco, dark-coloured and very enjoyable to the taste. Of our wines it’s the one that female customers appreciate the most, with a good texture and a good mixture of aromas that make its 
degustation very enjoyable. Ideal for those who are not particularly fond 
of the typically dry taste of Lambrusco and prefer a softer but not less 
valuable and tasty version of the wine.
Cantinon recalls the tradition of mixing grape varieties with higher sugar content, in order to make the wine taste sweeter. 
This product’s name is meant to recall the old surname of our winery: “il cantinon”, meaning literally ‘the bigger winery’ is the way people of the 
area have been calling our building for over a century.