DESIGNATION: Provincia di Mantova Lambrusco IGP frizzante (slightly-sparkling Lambrusco IGP)
THE LOOK: dark pinkish colour, strawberry currant and pomegranate, persistent foam.
THE SMELL: cherry aroma. 
THE TASTE: fresh flavour, with peculiar sourness and with an aftertaste of ripe cherry and pomegranate. 
ACCOMPANIMENT: best if accompanied by medium 
seasoned or fresh cheese, braised cacciatore chicken, 
charcuterie, fish, fresh salads.
TEMPERATURE OF SERVING: 8-10 Celsius degrees.
ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 11% of the volume.
PACKAGES: 0.75 litres Emilian bottle with mushroom-
shaped cork – 6 bottles carton box.

This Lambrusco Provincia di Mantova reveals its softer trait with 
Il Salico, pinkish-coloured and with a lighter texture, ideal for 
summertime and enjoyable with light dishes.
The name of this wine is a tribute to our land’s history and, more 
specifically, to emperor Conrad II “Il Salico”, hosted in Viadana in 1038, 
who proclaimed a law about hereditability of nobiliary feudal contracts.