DESIGNATION: Vino Spumante Dry Rosé (dry sparkling rosé wine)
THE LOOK: antique rose colour with shades of the colour of Cigliegiolo wine. Subtle effervescence, pink foam, intense and persistent.
THE SMELL: fruit aromas, such as currant, raspberry and rose. 
THE TASTE: fresh flavour, with balanced sourness and rather persistent. 
ACCOMPANIMENT: good as an aperitif, best if 
accompanied by appetizers, medium seasoned cheese, charcuterie, white meat and fish dishes (e.g. fried freshwater shrimps). Very good accompaniment for asian cuisine.
TEMPERATURE OF SERVING: 6-8 Celsius degrees.
ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 11.5 degrees.
PACKAGES: 0.75 litres Emilian bottle with mushroom-
shaped cork – 6 bottles carton box. 1.5 litres Magnum bottle with box.

The most elegant and light soul of the territory and the grape variety which takes its name from the small area around Viadana are concealed in this sparkling wine.
It’s a sparkling wine with delicate hints and subtle effervescence, result of an equally 
delicate processing: crushed grapes undergo a very light maceration process, followed by an accurate cleaning of the must and a long second fermentation inside an autoclave, 
according to the Martinotti technique. 
This modern and more appealing name actually comes from an ancient Greek word that means “wine”. During the Byzantine era, this word substituted the word “oinos” that indicated mostly the darker varieties of wine, whereas “krasì” indicated a lighter wine (which in antiquity was even mixed with water in order to make it less strong), just like our Krasì.
Our Krasì is made with the intention to be a suitable sparkling wine to for lighter celebrations of your most beautiful moments and accompany conviviality thanks to its mildness.