Luna Vecia

DESIGNATION: Provincia di Mantova Lambrusco IGP frizzante (slightly-sparkling, IGP Provincia di Mantova Lambrusco)
THE LOOK: purple-ish persistent foam, very intense strong ruby red colour.

THE SMELL: blackberry and ripe cherry in liqueur (cherry liqueur).
THE TASTE: more blackberry and cherry aroma – full
and persistent flavour (very good I.A.P. – Intense Aromatic Persistance).

ACCOMPANIMENT: accompany with medium or fully se- asoned cheese, roasted meat, charcuterie and typical dishes from the cuisine of Mantova.
TEMPERATURE OF SERVING: 16-18 Celsius degrees. ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 11.5% of volume.

PACKAGES: 0.75 litres Emilian bottle with mushroom-sha- ped cork – 6 bottles carton box.



We decided to widen the variety of our wines by offering a bottle fermented wine, which is the result of a traditional technique that we accurately followed. And it is with the purpose to link this wine to the tradition that we decided to name it “Luna Vecia”, which means li- terally “old moon” (i.e. waning crescent moon), referring to the lunar phase when the wine used to be traditionally bottled. The result is a rather dynamic wine that will change its flavours and aromas during its maturation inside the bottle. We have produced this wine by selecting an accurate mixture of our Lambrusco varieties, in order to make it as similar as possible to the wines that used to be served in the local taverns up until the last century (usually, people bought the wine, then each tavern or inn bottled it up by hand and finally served it to the customers). The bottle maturation will leave a precipitate on the bottom: not only is this a sign of a correct prise de mousse but also a natural effect of the traditional bottle fermentation.

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