DESIGNATION: Lambrusco frizzante rosso IGT (red slightly-sparkling Lambrusco IGT)
THE LOOK: purple-ish foam, intense ruby red colour.
THE SMELL: sweet violet and marasca cherry aromas. 
THE TASTE: enveloping flavour, reminding the aromas.
ACCOMPANIMENT: accompany with traditional dishes from Mantova, Bolognese sauce pasta, polenta pasticciata with mushrooms and sausage.
TEMPERATURE OF SERVING: 15-18 Celsius degrees.
ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 11% of the volume.
PACKAGES: 0.75 litres Emilian bottle with 
mushroom-shaped cork – 6 bottles carton box.

Our land’s typical joy and conviviality in a Lambrusco wine that suits everyday life. 
It’s a traditional wine of the area, the most suitable for everyday life, because of its 
economic price and its being of quality while still maintaining taste and texture. 
Lambrusco di Mantova Secco IGT is a true flag for the area of Mantova, translated into flavours and aromas that are ideal for the accompaniment of a convivial meal.
It’s a wine that preserves and represents tradition, result of an ancient wine-making 
culture and a selection of wines elaborated through the decades.
In the image we see Vespasiano Gonzaga, who extended to our region the cultivation of several Lambrusco wine types, by importing grapevines from different parts of Italy, in order to find the most suitable grape varieties to grow in our marshy lands.
The diffusion of Lambrusco allowed the selection of the best varieties and made it possible for common people to drink a wine whose quality was better and costed less, as until then, good wine was a luxury that only rich men could afford.