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prodotti derivati: spumante, aceto, grappa, biscotti.
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Da oltre 200 anni rendiamo il Lambrusco la migliore espressione della nostra terra.

Vitigno viadanese

Si tratta di un vitigno autoctono probabilmente originario dalle viti selvatiche.

I vini

Solo Lambrusco da vitigni selezionati. Esplora tutte le nostre interpretazioni.

Ultime news


Cavalcabò is a sparkling Lambrusco, only made with grapes of local grape varieties coming from the area of Viadana, purely grown and selected within the area of the municipalities of Viadana and Sabbioneta, where this grape variety has been grown for centuries.

This grape variety from Viadana releases in this bottle, thanks to the features of the land where it grows, a harmony of flavours and scents with a peculiar strong purple coloured foam.

Up until last century, only few knew of the Viadanese grape variety, which is widespread only around Viadana and Sabbioneta. When the agronomist and economist Ugo Ruberti discovered it, at the end of the nineteenth century, he particularly appreciated it and contributed to its spreading through the whole area surrounding Mantova. 

This wine is dedicated to the memory of the ancient landowners of our lands: the Cavalcabò family. Emperor Frederick I nominated them marquis of Viadana in 1158, and for some decades thay governed our lands expanding their territory, which now stretched from Parma to Cremona.