Corte Vitaliana

DESIGNATION: Lambrusco Mantovano DOP vino frizzante secco (slightly-sparkling dry Lambrusco DOP) THE LOOK: intense red colour, intensely purple-ish foam. THE SMELL: sweet violet and wild berries aromas.
THE TASTE: full and persistent flavour. ACCOMPANIMENT: accompany with medium or fully seasoned cheese, roasted meat, bushmeat and typical dishes from the cuisine of Mantova.
TEMPERATURE OF SERVING: 18 Celsius degrees. ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 11% of the volume. PACKAGES: 0.75 litres Emilian bottle with mushroom- shaped cork – 6 bottles carton box.



Corte Vitaliana is a DOC wine made with the grape varieties that are harvested from our area of production. The recipe for this wine’s production is a historical one, kept safe since the winery’s foundation. Indeed, it’s a mixture of Lambrusco wines, made according to the most traditional vinification sequence. History and tradition are intertwined with the flavour of a wine whose name comes from the ancient designation of Viadana, as a matter of fact, Vitaliana was the name used by the romans to refer to this area. Back in those times, life of the inhabitants of the land was more than ever bound to the “Great River”, as the production of Corte Vitaliana is still to this day: this Lambrusco is the result of the selection of the best Lambrusco grape varieties in the area between the Po and the Oglio rivers. Its taste can be matched with typical dishes from the cuisine of Mantova, as a complement of the land’s narration through its most ancient flavours.

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