DESIGNATION: Lambrusco Mantovano DOP rosso frizzante secco (slightly-sparkling red dry Lambrusco DOP)
THE LOOK: optimal intensity, ruby red colour, strong opacity. Purple-ish foam, specific feature of this grape variety.

THE SMELL: intense wine aroma, subtle, with hints of fruit. Sweet violet, sour cherry, ripe wild berries aromas.
THE TASTE: full and elegant flavour, of prolonged persistence, with ripe red fruit aftertaste. Harmonious and well structured. ACCOMPANIMENT: accompany with typical dishes from the cuisine of Mantova, agnolini, cotechino, zampone, grilled meat, charcuterie and seasoned cheese.

TEMPERATURE OF SERVING: 18 Celsius degrees. ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 11.5% degrees.
PACKAGES: 0.75 litres Emilian bottle with mushroom-shaped cork – 6 bottles carton


“Nustràn” is a sparkling Lambrusco wine which is obtained thanks to a pure brewing of local grape varieties, exclusively belonging to the “Lambrusco Viadanese” (from Viadana) type. The long fermentation process of its yeasts and the careful bottle-fermentation make it one of a kind. The prolonged brewing phases are in harmony with the turning of seasons and allow aromas and flavours to be well amalgamated: in so doing, acidity is dispersed, and the bottle is characterised by the true emerging of the identity of this wine variety. Nustràn (ours) has always been called this way in our lands: so it is nowadays still called by those who produce it, so is the denomination of our local grape variety. From this strong bond to the land and to the past, comes the name of this bottle, exclusively made with local grape varieties, purely brewed. Even prior to the official denomination of the grape species “vitigno Viadanese”, our ancestors, un- beknownst of the importance of their variety, named as Nustràn (ours) that species of grape which had found in this territory its ideal propagation environment. The helping hand comes from the moist climate and the alluvial terrain, typical of these swampy lands which bordered rivers such as the Po before levees were built.

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